Re-composing the pieces

The materials and resources that we have drawn from the four corners of the globe have
been scattered and reformed. As earthlings, we share a history that puts pressure on this
present moment to face the exploitation that affects humanity’s soul and our relationship
with the Earth. Through an exploration of movement Jennifer collects and reassembles
earth materials as a gesture to recognize and support our transforming and healing state on this planet.

This work will combine the idea of ‘earthworks’ or creating temporal art from organic found materials with performance and ritual. The body of my work includes many process that are in dialogue with natural systems including seasons and cycles, decay and growth. As humans we are constantly moving and processing earth elements for our cultural and consumptive needs. This process has been damaging on the earth itself and often includes the marginalization of people. I relate this work to my ideas within the concept of ‘compost modernism’ where we observe and then reconstruct a new reality that is nourished from the decay of the old system.

Jennifer Norquist has been working several years as an artist interested in sustainable practices within community development. Her work has included permanent site specific works near urban streams and performance works that address our relationship with nature. She is currently an avid gardener who spends much of her time building soil, planting seeds and watering plants.

Tech requirements and venue:
Any space will be sufficient, indoors or outdoors
Proper lighting indoors, prefer tungsten
Outdoors daytime- prefer mid-late afternoon

$200- Artist fee for one performance
$100 for any additional performance
Transportation- $20 from Sunshine Coast by bus


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