Our performance art class presented our final performance on Weds. April 8. The concept behind the presentations is that we were creating a performance art festival with the themes diaspora, dislocation . We were broken into two groups and I was in the second so I will write about only the first group’s performances.

The first performance was by Yota, who entered into the spot light and began skip rope jumping, using the cord attached to a computer mouse. He then began to bring in other computer parts including a monitor, keyboard and tower, and started using them as weights and apparatus to ‘work out’.
img_0142He did sit ups and push ups, squats and bench presses, to name a few of the exercises that he used the computer for. His performance commented on how standard computer use disassociates us from the needs of our body. It was humourous and creative to see all the different standard gym exercises that one can use their computer equipment for.

Martina did a piece where she explored the stream of conscience writing technique in a performance that involved her covering her head in a white cloth that had what she was currently writing projected onto. The visual effect was intriguing as the letters and words appeared on her head glowing white head as she adeptly typed her unfiltered thoughts.img_0146

Patrick’s performance involved a grotesque mask, long johns full of foam balls and some serious nose picking. He seems to be acting like he was alone and not being watched, hence the nose picking, and as he read from a piece of paper the balls fell from his pants.img_0144

Ana, Genevieve and Grant collaborated on a piece that they presented as a video. They went out one night and collected discarded material and built themselves a fort behind some buildings and beside the dumpsters. They were created a commentary on homelessness, wasted materials in our society while having a fun time activating the inner child. img_0152

Derya presented a video of his online performance as part of his ongoing web presence art work. In the video that was featured he showed how the occult is present in society.img_01633

Reuben also showed a video where the subject was a rock n roll musician and seemed to go through a disorienting process of playing loud and slightly discordant music that ended with in him sitting stunned on his bed with his lover asleep behind him.img_0165

Sung Hua created a hip hop music video with a friend who was very skilled at basket ball and tricks. The video brought in cannons of hip hop including graffiti, body gestures and street setting.img_0156

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the performances on this last day of last and I was impressed by the quality and thought that went into the presentations. It has been a pleasure to learn about performance art in the context of an Emily Carr course with the instructor, Margeret Dragu, and with an amazing group of artists as fellow students.


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