Performance Art Class- Installation and Traces

On March 18th and 26th our class performed and presented our Traces and/or Installation projects and critiqued each others’ work. The performances involved video, props and sound utilizing different theoretical and conceptual devices including durational and relational aesthetics. In some works we watched as spectators or audience while others we had the opportunity to engage as part of the experience of the artwork. The work was extremely diverse in nature, each student approached the assignment uniquely according to the interests and skills from his/her greater practice. We saw some students had a strong visual or sound component while others were critiquing cultural phenomena and our perceptions.

Some of the activities included in the performances involved covering the body in paint or food, like syrup and flour. We also saw gold leaf, a rabbit costume, computer blogging and sculpture. Poetry, surveys and sound played a role also in repertoire of the class work. The pieces all demonstrated the talents, ideas and skills that my fellow students have been cultivating. I really appreciated the supportive yet honest critiquing that we shared with each other, as it expanded my perspective on what how and why we create performances as artists.

I am still fresh in learning about the ‘canons’ of performance art but it seems that we hold the possibility to expand on the field of performative art in order to communicate our ideas and concepts. As emerging artists we can offer a fresh approach to performance that gives us more tools for personal expression and cultural critique. Perhaps we can even serve to shift society through our art.

Francisco and the gold leaf

Francisco and the gold leaf

net(work) survey by Martina

net(work) survey by Martina

Knitting Circle in Concourse Gallery- Jennifer with Carlyn

Knitting Circle in Concourse Gallery- Jennifer with Carlyn


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