Shadow Jamming with Mind of a Snail

On the first and third Wednesday evening of each month Mind of a Snail hosts ‘Shadow Jam’ at the Main ARTery.  The shadow jam is an interactive collaborative experience where the guests are invited to create music and sound as well as make and play with shadow puppets using flashlights, an overhead projector and any other light source onto a white sheet.  Mind of a Snail is Chloe Ziner and Jessica Gabriel who are both formidable musicians and artists  are able to create a portal into the visual and sound realm that allows for amazing levels of collaboration not normally possible.  Each session has a theme, last week was endangered languages and indicator species.

The evening begins with the guests crafting up the shadow puppets out of cardboard, cellophane, wire and anything else that is handy.  When it is time to hang the sheet there is a little ritual that takes place where we begin in silence and Jessica and Chloe lead us into a space where we begin to listen carefully to every sound and see all the subtle light sources that already are present.  We are all welcome to participate how we please with both sound and visuals.  The best jams happen where the participants are observing in conjunction with playing to create cohesive synergy and profound magic.

A little shadow goes a long way.  Jessica Gabriel


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